Maitri - Gold Saving Scheme

Krishna Jewellers introduces a "Gold Saving Scheme - Maitri" specially for our customers where you can buy gold worth more than that you save.

We provide you the membership starting with minimum of Rs. 500/- per month.

Not only can you plan your jewellery purchases much in advance, but also your savings will fetch you better returns than other saving options.

You can use this scheme to plan many special events - jewellery for your wife's/daughters next wedding anniversary, or a jewellery purchase for the next important festival.

You can buy from 18 Karat diamond studded jewellery to 22 Karat pure gold jewellery of your choice.

Please check the following for the monthly payment done and returns you get in gold.

Monthly Paid Gold Returns
Rs. 500/- (Per Month for 12 Months) Rs. 6700/-
Rs. 1000/- (Per Month for 12 Months) Rs. 13,200/-
Rs. 1500/- (Per Month for 12 Months) Rs. 19,700/-
Rs. 2000/- (Per Month for 12 Months) Rs. 26,500/-
Rs. 5000/- (Per Month for 12 Months) Rs. 66,500/-
Rs. 10,000/- (Per Month for 12 Months) Rs. 1,31,500/-

Terms & Conditions:
A) The monthly remittance must be paid before 15th of each month.
B) Payments can be made in cash at the premises of Krishna Jewellers.
C) Cash discounts will be given on every group according to scheme
D) Maturity Date will be the 30th day after payment of the installment.
E) At the end of the scheme customer will be entitled to purchase gold/diamond jewellery for the maturity value.
F) Gold coins will not be given in this scheme.
D) The value of gold jewellery will be calculated as per the rates prevailing on the day of purchase.
E) No cash will be refunded under any circumstances whatsoever.
F) At the time of maturity of the scheme, the jewellery will be sold to the account holder or nominee or his duly authorised person only.
G) Any applicable tax shall be borne by the account holder.
H) If there is a default in payment of monthly installments, the date will be postponed accordingly.
I) If any account is foreclosed the customer will be entitled to get credit only for aggreagte amount paid against jewellery purchase.
J) No interest/returns of any kind shall be provided for this.
K) In case of foreclosure, a token amount equivalent to the 10% of one installment will be levied as foreclosure charges.
L) No extra amount would be given for the period after the maturity date under any circumstances.
M) Payment received in installment will be treated as an advance received against order for gold jewellery.